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Application areas
  • Real-time transcoding of IPTV streams
  • Bandwidth reduction for Internet/OTT streaming or wireless networks
  • Stream adaptation for set-top boxes, tablets, mobile phones
  • Multi-bitrate and multi-screen transcoding and transrating for adaptive streaming
  • Transcoding of Dolby Digital Plus to AAC
  • Burned-in subtitles

CodecCaster is a turn-key solution for real-time transcoding of IPTV streams up to full HD resolution. It offers high-performance and high-quality IP-based format conversion for MPEG Transport Streams, and fully supports transcoding to multiple bitrates for adaptive streaming. Video transcoding from MPEG-2 Video, AVC/H.264, or HEVC/H.265 to MPEG-2 Video, AVC/H.264, or HEVC/H.265 is provided, or any other combination, such as transrating from AVC/H.264 to AVC/H.264. Audio passthrough and audio transcoding is available, including Dolby Digital Plus to AAC transcoding.

The world-class encoders of CodecCaster allows for greatly reducing bandwidth requirements of streams while keeping the original quality of experience, which makes CodecCaster the perfect solution for Internet transmission or when streaming in wireless networks.

Additional options for stream adaptation, such as deinterlacing, video scaling, frame rate conversion, and audio volume and sample rate conversion allow for serving set-top boxes, tablets, mobile phones, and others.

DVB and Teletext subtitles can be included in transcoded streams (“burned-in”), which offers subtitles with 100% compatibility with all existing devices.

CodecCaster can be augmented with AdCaster, our solution for ad replacement and ad overlays.

CodecCaster is available as a 19-inch rack-mountable server appliance, or as a software-only version for easy installation on existing servers hosted in data centers.

The number of streams to be transcoded in parallel is not artificially limited, as shown by following examples (please refer to data sheets for full specification).

CodecCaster 1000 HD 8000 HD 2015 edition
Transcoding MPEG-2 SD to H.264 SD Up to 10 streams Up to 80 streams To be announced
Transcoding H.264 HD to MPEG-2 SD Up to 4 streams Up to 32 streams To be announced
Transrating H.264 HD to H.264 HD Up to 2 streams Up to 16 streams To be announced
Multi-bitrate Multi-screen MPEG-2 SD to H.264 with 3 profiles Up to 5x 3 = 15 streams Up to 40x 3 = 120 streams To be announced
Transcoding H.264 HD to H.265 HD To be announced To be announced To be announced
Or arbitrary other combinations of input streams and output profiles up to the system maximum.

For CodecCaster Software, the number of streams to be transcoded in parallel is not artificially limited and only depends on your underlying hardware platform.

Being compatible with existing gateways, conditional access systems, streaming servers, and set-top boxes, CodecCaster can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

CodecCaster 1000 HD
CodecCaster 8000 HD
CodecCaster Software
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